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Lost Sound Tapes

SPARKLE WATER / FAMILY VIDEO "Split" cassette tape

SPARKLE WATER / FAMILY VIDEO "Split" cassette tape

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Release date: June 3rd, 2016 

Split cassette tape time, eastern Canada edition! Sparkle Water from Halifax, Nova Scotia and Family Video from St John’s, Newfoundland team up for this cassette release and compliment each other nicely.

Let’s start on side A with Sparkle Water. We have 5 lofi, post punk, pop songs from them. Sparkle Water is comprised of Jill Ratattack, Juls Generic, and David Barclay. They could also be known as Club Soda, Seltzer, Carbonated Water, L’eau gazeuse, etc. David Barclay has been in bands that Lost Sound Tapes has worked with in the past such as The Endless Bummer and Red Pony Clock and that’s how this release came to be. Sparkle Water songs are hyponotic, catchy, sharp.

Family Video is the musical project of Jam King that started in Vancouver in 2012 with the release of a cassette titled “Fun + Sad”. Jam and co have since relocated back to Newfoundland and released 3 more albums including “Maybe This Summer” which was released on tape by Gold Flake Tapes in the UK. Family Video songs always have a somber, cinematic feel to them with Jam’s unmistakeable vocals floating above the guitars and drums. It’s no surprise that they’ve released seven different music videos. 4 tracks span 14 minutes on their side of this tape.

Edition of 150 black cassette tapes with white hand stamped labels and digital download code. 50 copies for each band and 50 available through Lost Sound tapes.

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