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SPOKENEST "Gone, Gone, Gone" vinyl LP / cassette tape

SPOKENEST "Gone, Gone, Gone" vinyl LP / cassette tape

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Second album by married punk duo SPOKENEST from LA. Members of God Equals Genocide and Badlands! Makes you happy, makes you angry, makes you whole. 

LP on swirly clear/black vinyl! Cassette tape comes in hand made, screen printed packaging. 


"Spokenest are a guitarist called Daryl (a he) and a drummer called Adrian (a she). They were two-thirds of Los Angeles ‘slop punk’ outfit God Equals Genocide until they got married and decided to make music on their own. Listening to Gone, Gone, Gone, you have to say they’ve done the right thing. On both counts, I’m sure.

The sound is loaded and crunchy, with Adrian’s kick-drum compensating for the absence of a bass guitar so thoroughly that if you play this loudly enough through headphones, as I’m doing right now, it fair makes your heart bounce off your rib cage – as it did mine, just now.

The duo’s hollering, exuberant vocals are shared and swapped to thrilling effect; the drums canter like a thoroughbred, and Daryl’s skittering guitar ricochets around with just enough bottom-end to hold hands with hardcore, but is primarily tense, discordant and wiry like all the best post-punk." [...]

- Review from Louder Than War

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