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Lost Sound Tapes

SQUILL "Bury It" cassette tape

SQUILL "Bury It" cassette tape

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Release date January 19, 2018

"Bury It" is the second album from Lily Richeson aka Squill of Olympia, WA. Lily writes the songs and leads this group, you may know her from the band Parasol (two albums on Lost Sound Tapes) or her other excellent, european touring, pop punk trio, Bad Sleep. For this album Squill sheds their third superfluous "L" from the band name. Squilll -> Squill. This small but meaningful change is an indicator of the refinement and crystallization of the band's music and songwriting from the previous album "Daughters Of The Earth" to this brand new 9 song offering. While the title may appear to indicate an end, a death, or a denial, these songs in fact also emanate hope and pave way for renewal, a fresh start, a new beginning.
Edition of 100 clear green cassette tapes with hand stamped labels and full color, double sided artwork. Comes with digital download. 
LP released on Salinas Records

Recording and Produced by Joey at Left Field Studios 
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios 
Layout and design by Ryan Stanis

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