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THE ASHENDEN PAPERS "Night Walk" cassette tape

THE ASHENDEN PAPERS "Night Walk" cassette tape

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LST-126 THE ASHENDEN PAPERS "Night Walk" cassette tape w/ Bandcamp Download 

Release date: May 5th, 2023

The Ashenden Papers is a newer project by Sacramento native, Jason Dezember from loveable punk band, Nar"Night Walk" is an 8 song album of breezy indie pop compiled from 4 seasonal themed EPs that were released in 2021 and 2022. Two songs feature vocals by fellow Sacramento born legend, Rose Melberg. Did you know Jason recorded the Tiger Trap side of their split with Bratmobile on his 4-track? It was also the very first Tiger Trap release. Love to see people grow and change and flourish.

When The Ashenden Papers released their first album in 2011, Scott Miller (English Singles, Bright Ideas, Nar) described it as “the latest band in the endless saga of unheard Sacramento budget pop.” At the time it was the first attempt by Jason Dezember to front a band and, as predicted, it remained largely unheard.  Following a rather long period of self-doubt and lack of inspiration, Jason decided to give it another try beginning around 2018, when he began sharing songwriting duties with Miller in the Plastic Shoelaces (arguably the next band in the endless saga of unheard Sacramento budget pop).  Somehow, the songs started arriving, and at a pace the band didn’t really have time to keep up with, so Dezember started recording them by himself at home as a side project, and then began inviting various friends to contribute via file sharing. Early in the pandemic, he released “Asphodel Meadows”, the second LP, on long-running seat of the pants Sacramento label Secret Center. And this time… it still largely remained unheard.

Still feeling inspired to make music, especially as an antidote to the doom-laden miasma of the pandemic, and enjoying the freedom of home recording, Dezember continued writing tunes of painful love, existential confusion and occasional melodic gibberish to put together this latest release. This time reaching out to a few more musical friends to help give the new songs some variety of color. The new record features some sweet harmonies on 2 songs graciously supplied by Rose Melberg, some lead guitar from Matt Bullimore (Mantles, Legs) and the rhythm section of Leon Levy and Matt Hull, both longtime Sacramento stalwarts. Marie Davenport and Ella Cross from “Asphodel Meadows” add their touches as well. Night Walk is an album Dezember made to try to find some value, light and fun in a dark time. 

Edition of 100 glitter cassette tapes with hand stamped labels and double sided full color artwork. Comes with a Bandcamp download code.




Jason Dezember: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
Leon Levy: Bass
Matt Hull: Drums
Ella Cross: Vocals
Matt Bullimore: Lead guitar on The Margins
Marie Davenport: Bass and Keyboard on The River Highway
Rose Melberg: Backing vocals on Summer's Coming On & Little Jumpy T

Recorded at various houses in Alameda, Concord and Sacramento, CA & Vancouver, BC.
Edited by Jason D at The Owl's Nest in Concord, CA.
Mixed by Bart Thurber somewhere in Oakland, CA.
Art by Kate Mink.
Layout by Chris Mac.
Cassette layout by Jon Manning.

Thanks to Robin & Cindy and everyone who played a part to make this happen. Special thanks to Rose, for your beautiful voice and harmonic sensibilities. Marie, for your effortless facility. Leon, for suggesting some of the lead guitar melodies. Kate, for making rad art and letting me use it for record covers. Ed Carroll, for rhythmic ideas. Scott Miller, for advice. Big ups to Matt B & the Coast Office rhythm section, as well.

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