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THE NATVRAL "Tethers" cassette tape

THE NATVRAL "Tethers" cassette tape

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LST-121 THE NATVRAL "TETHERS" Cassette Tape w/ Bandcamp Download 

Release date: September 3rd, 2021

Kip Berman's (The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart) new band! The first full length album, "Tethers", under his new moniker, The Natvral. This time around the music is more classically folk/country styled in the vein of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, or more recently Bright Eyes. New songs, fantastic hooks.

Edition of 100 pale blue cassette tapes, with hand stamped labels, and full color j-card. Comes with a Bandcamp download.


By starting anew with The Natvral, he’s given himself license to make a triumphant comeback. Everything about ‘Tethers’ marks a step away from the Pains sound, doing away with the scuzzy reverb and cooed vocals in favour of boisterous guitars, lyrical content that speaks to his new perspective on life (opener ‘Why Don’t You Come Out Anymore’ a case in point) and arrangements that nod to classic rock - freewheeling alt-country on ‘New Year’s Night’, and urgent, raw balladry on ‘Sylvia, the Cup of Youth’. Kip’s voice might be the biggest revelation here - stripped of effects, it takes on an endearingly rugged character - but across ‘Tethers’, this could be one of the most remarkable transformations we’ve seen from a songwriter in recent years. -

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