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Kingfisher Bluez

TIM THE MUTE "Take My Life" vinyl LP

TIM THE MUTE "Take My Life" vinyl LP

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The second full length album from Vancouver, B.C.'s Tim The Mute! 13 songs about life, death, heartache, and how to persevere. Cassette on Lost Sound Tapes, LP on Kingfisher Bluez.

Edition of 100 clear blue cassette tapes with hand stamped labels and full color artwork. Comes with a digital download. Most copies are going with the band on tour, so we have a limited number available for sale online.


Take My Life… Please! is not a cry for help. It is the sincere vibration of a young man from Vancouver, British Columbia—and his preferred international collaborators—who through the acceptance of the Holy trinity of Music, Art, and Literature as their Saviour and Lord, have created an homage to culture as well as the writings of Scotland’s Alasdair Gray. 

The making of this Record was prompted by Tim’s search for connectivity in this often cold and harsh Digital world, that could, when perceived by open Ears, reach into any listener’s Mind, Body, or Soul. In this excellent recording the talent channel their interpretations of the Here and Now. It is their innermost desire that this Testimony in Song would encourage Other people and peoples to read Lanark’s books of Three, One, Two, and Four (w/ Prologue and Epilogue), whose Epic pages have become their Companion. 

I know that this Album will have wide acceptance for the feelings are familiar, honest, and carry an exceptional Significance to those who will take a few moments for serious Reflection. 

Kevin "Sipreano" Howes

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