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TYLER MARTIN "Cioppino" 4 x cassette tape

TYLER MARTIN "Cioppino" 4 x cassette tape

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"Cioppino" is the single wildest album I have ever heard. It came from the imagination of one Tyler Martin, whom you may know from the band James Rabbit. This album is 100 songs long and contains a staggering variety of musical styles. Truly something for everybody, if you can't find a single song you like on here, I don't know what to say to you! 

The stylings range from pop song, rock song, electronic experimentation, story telling, social game instructions, collaborations, absurdism, heart felt affirmation, dissertation, voicemail messages, comedy, soup recipes, and cinematic instrumentals. What even in the world?

This one of a kind album cannot be contained by one, nor by two, nor by three cassette tapes. "Cioppino" is a 4 cassette album that comes in VHS style packaging with wrap around artwork by Tyler Martin himself. A very limited edition of 50 solid "rubine red" cassette tapes with hand stamped labels to match the red and white picnic placemat motif.

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