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VARIOUS ARTISTS "THIS REMINDS ME: Songs By Linda Smith Reimagined" cassette tape

VARIOUS ARTISTS "THIS REMINDS ME: Songs By Linda Smith Reimagined" cassette tape

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Release date March 23, 2018

LST-96 VARIOUS ARTISTS "THIS REMINDS ME: Songs By Linda Smith Reimagined" cassette tape 

"THIS REMINDS ME" is a tribute compilation to the music and songs of Baltimore-based, home taping, bedroom pop legend Linda Smith. Linda released albums and singles on Slumberland Records, Harriet Records, Feel Good All Over, and her own Preference Recordings label. She was a member of the folky rock band The Woods in the late 80's (not the current one) and a member of the indie pop band Silly Pillows during the late 90's. In a fair and just world (which we do not live in), Linda Smith should be mentioned in the same breath as R. Stevie Moore, Daniel Johnston, and The Mountain Goats

The compilation contains 19 tracks in total from Rose Melberg, Christina Scheneider, Silly Pillows, Keel Her, and many more. Each track is an interpretation of one of the original songs, most of which were released between 1987 and 2001. Some of these covers are quite true to the original recording while some take an entirely different approach. Several years ago, Bob Huff ("Lonely's Not The Word") and Michael Willis ("All I Did"), friends of Linda Smith, decided to record covers of a few of her songs. This sparked interest in other artists covering her songs and over the last couple years Linda slowly collected these 19 tracks and compiled them as one album.

Edition of 100 translucent yellow cassette tapes with hand stamped labels. Artwork by LD Beghtol. Comes with a digital download.

Mastered by Will Killingsworth, Dead Air Studios.

1. Michael Willis - All I Did 03:12
2. Rose Melberg - All That I Can Give 03:11
3. Green Slime - Because You Asked Me 03:37
4. BCE - Brightside 04:47
5. Peter Kirsch - But Is She Happy 03:10
6. Andy Robinson - Emily's Grave 02:17
7. Silly Pillows - Figment of Your Imagination 04:15
8. Arthur Loves Plastic - Go Forward 04:31
9. Bill Carey - I Just Had To 02:50
10. Rupert Wondolowski - In the Hospital 02:08
11. The Granite Countertops - It's Now 03:58
12. Christina Schneider - It's Your Party Too 02:18
13. Bob Huff - Lonely's Not The Word 03:12
14. Paula Strong - Public Life Story 01:59
15. Lisa Moscatiello - Something New 02:25
16. Keel Her - Take This 02:47
17. Paula Carino with Bev Stanton - The Answer to Your Question 04:07
18. E Elizabeth Downing - This Reminds Me 02:10
19. Paul Baroody - You Changed 02:11

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