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Lost Sound Tapes

WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS "When You Move" cassette tape

WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS "When You Move" cassette tape

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What can I say about Rebecca Redman that I haven't already said? If you ask her, I think she would call this the second "official" Watercolor Paintings album, the first was "Open Your Mouth". This album takes a distinct step towards a darker motif compared to previous folk/pop releases. This is one of the first documents of a mostly Hoshwa-less Watercolor Paintings since he began playing regularly with his sister Rebecca. Look forward to the heavy droner "Showers Of Stones" though there are plenty of tunes on here that are culled from previous cassette or CDR releases that have been reinvogorated with a new backing band and excellent mid-fi recording fidelity. LP coming out on Plan-It-X Records.

Edition of 100 clear cassette tapes with hand stamped labels. Cassette tape comes with digital download code and specially formatted-for-cassette artwork.

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