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Lost Sound Tapes

WEREWOLVES "What Kind of Pet Defines You?" cassette tape

WEREWOLVES "What Kind of Pet Defines You?" cassette tape

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The 5th full length album in 5 years from Athens, GA anarcho pop band Werewolves, the first for Lost Sound Tapes. These songs were written by Werewolves founder Wyatt Strother with the help of his ever rotating cast of backing musicians. This album inspires Elephant 6-style pop music for those with anti-establishment hearts.  

Edition of 100 white tapes with hand stamped kraft paper labels. Comes with digital download code. 

For digital-only purchases, visit the Werewolves bandcamp:

Wyatt Strother with... 
Jay Henriques - Guitar, vocals 
Ryan Moktowicz - Saxophone, vocals 
Emily Green - Violin 
Brian Veysey - Trumpet 
Raoul de la Cruz - Trumpet 
Sam Grindstaff - Vocals  

special thanks: 

Milledge Avenue, A.H.F.P., Prometheus, and R.F.U.S. drums and bass parts co-written with Brandon Page and Patrick Goral.

Release date: June 17th, 2015.

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