YOUR HEART BREAKS "America" cassette tape

Lost Sound Tapes

Catalog No: LST-74


New album from Seattle queer super hero band, Your Heart Breaks! Armed with a hot shot new backing band, most of the group Craig Salt Peters, YHB takes you on a cross country road trip highlighted by spectacular coastlines, cities rising in the distance, and rememberance of those mistakes you make when you're coming of age. Beautiful storytelling in a punk/power-pop songwriting format. 

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Clyde Petersen // Guitar 
Jacob Jaffe // Guitar 
Craig Peters // Bass 
Zach Burba // Sax and Keys 
Chris McFarlane // Drums 
Karl Blau // Sax 
Steve Moore // Trombone 

Produced by Karl Blau with the fantastic help of Jacob Navarro 

Recorded in Seattle, Washington, May 2015
Release date June 17th, 2015 
CD version self released by the band.