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YOUR HEART BREAKS "Greatest Hits" cassette tape

YOUR HEART BREAKS "Greatest Hits" cassette tape

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Release date March 4th, 2016. 

Not just any greatest hits compilation, but all of your favorite Your Heart Breaks songs re-recorded and then re-re-remixed by Karl Blau to make the best dance album you've ever heard.

Clyde says:

"Recipe for a weird album: This brand new Your Heart Breaks album is packed with 21 tracks of fully re-recorded and then remixed songs. First we wrote the songs. Then we recorded them and released them throughout the years. Then Mélanie Valera [Tender Forever] said, I really like those dance songs you and Karl [Blau] made a long time ago. SO THEN we were like, let's make a dance album. And then Karl's studio burned down the day we were supposed to record. And then Zach [Burba (iji)] fell down the stairs and thought the album was cursed. But then we picked the best ones, we got 15 synthesizers and 1 keytar and we rerecorded them. Then we sent the rough recording stems to Karl Blau, and he remixed them. And that's the final album."

First edition of 200 copies, gold glittery cassette tapes with professional imprinting and four different colors of album art. Doesn't come with digital download or side indicators because life's too short to worry about those kinds of things!

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